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Art Hub Film Club, Spring Season 2024 - Ticket of No Return by Ulrike Ottinger English subtitles. Q&A after the films. April 24th, 19.00-21.00. Gratis adgang. Free entry.

In the spring of 2024, the Art Hub Film Club, presented by artist Loretta Fahrenholz, will feature a selection of films that delve into the emergence of filmmaking during the 1970s and 1980s in Berlin, spurred by the women’s liberation movements.

Female directors renegotiated the male dominated New German Cinema and experimented with highly subjective, wildly diverse forms of filmic expression. All films are marked by their defiance of commercial norms, that seek to invent new languages of political filmmaking. By transferring these methods and narratives into contemporary culture Fahrenholz echo this tradition and creates an overlap of temporalities.

The films Two A.M. by Loretta Fahrenholz, Is This Fate by Helga Reidemeister and Ticket of No Return by Ulrike Ottinger represents the act of filmmaking for what it has been for many women, across the decades and around the globe, a terrain of feminist struggle, and a way of not only relating to society, but remaking it.

See details about the programming below.

About Art Hub Film Club

Art Hub Copenhagen works to share knowledge of various forms of visual art practice: for example, by creating new, experimental contexts that can help nuance the multifaceted nature of contemporary art. Art Hub Film Club casts a spotlight on film, video and the moving image, and on the essential role these media play in contemporary art.

Art Hub Film Club featuring Loretta Fahrenholz

- Ticket of No return by Ulrike Ottinger

April 24th, from 19-21

Ticket of No Return is a surreal, darkly humorous, and highly stylised film by German Director Ulrike Ottinger. The narrative follows a silent female character, known only as ‘she’, who chooses to retreat from a life of privilege and books a one-way ticket to East Berlin to spend her days drinking. Echoing throughout this urban adventure is the sound of high heels against marble floors, as ‘she’, the nameless protagonist, delves into and challenges notions of female archetypes, the woman as an object, and female agency and desire.

The film is presented in German with English subtitles.